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Domino is 5'8" tall. She has unnaturally white skin and a big black circle tattooed around her left eye. She has black hair and blue eyes and a muscular but curvy figure. She wears mostly black. Usually she wears t-shirts adn sturdy black jeans along with black boots or sneakers when she's not working. Her hair is short with an annoying tendency to curl.

In Domino's world mutants are hated and feared but also popping up and expanding as a population no matter how many times they're wiped out. There are superheroes everywhere and plenty of supervillains to keep them busy.

I do not represent anyone who owns the IP for Marvel. This is a fanblog for the purpose of role play. I similarly do not represent, do not know, and am not authorized to use Cristina Scabbia's image or likeness.
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